Picture book & middle grade manuscripts


Middle grade novels

“Maile’s Pets: The Purrfect Pet” is the first picture book by Jacquelyn Carberry about a young girl who has one dog and three cats — and each animal has a distinct personality. When Maile, her parents and her pets move from California to Hawaii, the family settles in with her grandparents temporarily and there’s a problem. Tutu (Maile’s grandmother) doesn’t like pets, especially cats!

Over time, Tutu learns to get along with the pets, developing patience along the way. In essence, young Maile is not only the one who learns a thing or two about adjustment. Even adults can change and grow and kids can see the modeling of this positive behavior, with a bit of gentle humor added in.

“Cat and Panda”: Cat never really cared much about popularity until it was gone, and outcast Francine unexpectedly is the most popular girl of the fifth-grade now. But when Francine wants to trade back, Cat isn’t sure she’s interested in swapping statuses again.

“How Does Your Garden Grow?”: Olivia is looking forward to her class gardening project. This year’s theme is an ancestral one: “Appreciating Your Roots.” For O., this is the perfect project with cherished roots in several places but she soon realizes that her views and others’ can clash.

Picture book manuscripts

“And Then Came Nigel”: George is so sweet, he all but wears a halo; Nigel might as well have a pitchfork. When these two animals clash in this wry picture book, they unwittingly pull the rest of their large family – human and animals alike – into the fray with disastrous results.

“Inky & Spot”: Siblings Inky and Spot are nothing alike, though they look very much alike. After a botched haircut, these fraternal twin cats end up looking  more like identical twins. Will their favorite people be able to tell them apart? Do people know them as well as the twins hope?

“Daisy the All-Star Dog”: Daisy is a human-like dog, with all of the profound qualities associated with people and some of the quirks, too. ”Daisy the All-Star Dog” is sent to dog-training lessons to learn how to be more like a typical dog, but who ends up training whom? First of two books about Daisy.

“Daisy Saves the Day”: Daisy is a smart dog, a fun dog, a cool dog. Repeat: a dog. “In Daisy Saves the Day,” a woeful Daisy is bordered at a doggie daycare whlle the human members of her family are away on vacation. But she has her own adventures, including saving a princess. Book two of two about Daisy.